Anjaly in Sanskrit means ‘offering with both hands’ in other words,

it is an expression of appreciation and blessing.

Mudras is a positioning of hands to express outwardly what we experience within. in anjaly mudras, the palms of the hands are held together in an upright position, fingers stretched upwards and thumbs touching the chest. the gesture forges a connection between billions of people worldwide.

I chose the name ‘anjaly’ because it represents the way I experience yoga, and the privilege I feel of engaging in things I love most – yoga, fashion, aesthetics, and their meeting point.

I believe everything we do should be close to our hearts and done lovingly at every stage and junction along the way, and always with deep respect for the environment.

I hope that your encounter with anjaly clothes will awaken inspiration and draw you closer to the yogic path.

How it all began

Gili Ravid launched the first anjaly capsule collection in 2006. each item of quality clothing for yoga was designed, cut, and sewn from the finest organic cotton materials, with meticulous attention to detail, and total involvement in every stage of production.

Anjaly is the unification of two loves – yoga and design. these two paths merged in the first collection, whose principles continue to define the studio to this day – breathable and airy clothing from organic fabrics, ideal for yoga practice and daily wear.

the unique cut of the garments stems from a deep understanding of the body’s needs during yoga movements and from close acquaintance with fabrics and their individual characteristics. in the years since the Anjaly studio has grown and developed and the imprint of the brand has gained clarity and focus. anjaly clothing is as free-flowing as possible and provides support where needed. they allow for lithe and free movement during yoga practice where the garment becomes one with its wearer and does not restrict her (or him!).

Anjaly clothes offer functional solutions while also maintaining aesthetic values: long pants can be easily gathered on the thigh and become shorts, loose and lightweight vests support back-bending positions, comfortable overalls are good for practice and all-day wear, and clothes for women at every stage of life, practice garments for men, and much more.

the studio produces four new collections each year – autumn, winter, spring, and summer. the fabrics are specially produced for the studio under stringent controls: we choose the threads, the weave, weight, colors, etc.

In addition to its yoga practice clothes, anjaly presents a collection of casual clothes for daily wear – dresses, tops, shirts, and more. the same line guides both collections – comfort, simplicity, quality, and inferred urban sophistication.

yoga practice and life itself are not two different aspects. they intertwine, merge and nourish each other. anjaly’s clothes invite you to relax in both.

Anjaly Shops

21 Moshe Sne st. - Studio

10 Mikve Israel st. - Flag Store

Tel Aviv

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