A special and different collaboration than anything we have done to date, in honor of the International Day of Yoga (which was just an excuse to raise the glove) a project arose that we have been waiting for a long time to happen.

Dealing with the inspirational worlds of the world of yoga, the worlds of movement, the images of the animals according to posture was a source we returned to many times in our attempts to develop original patterns for Anjaly. That's when the connection was made with Yonil, an artist and graphic designer in the past, who we have been following for a long time on the networks and even proudly own his prints that hang in our house. Yonil used to have a t-shirt collection that had customers scattered around the city who were still waiting for him to come back. The joint collection brings to light a story of intriguing edges. 

Yonil, a graphic designer who became an illustrator who became an artist and constantly jumps between the fields and combines them. Enjoying the three worlds since 2009 and currently mainly engage in personal art and work with the music world.

The connection with Anjaly came from an unexpected direction. Yonil does not practice yoga, but for years he would make a line of t-shirts myself and with a huge appreciation for the quality of Anjaly clothes.

"My ability to produce t-shirts with them that are also fun to wear, comfortable, and of high quality, made me want to work on something inspired by them.

The direction for art was not obvious, we developed a discourse in which we brought the side of the animal worlds and the inspirations for the movements from the world of yoga, and Yunil brought the artistic angle, disassembly and assembly technique, unique colors and images that give personality and liveliness in each of the asanas-positions."

"I knew that working with the body and in the almost impossible poses was interesting to both of us, visually. I looked at many yoga poses and we tried to produce completely formal abstractions, without necessarily considering correct body proportions or realism. Only at the end of the formal construction, I begin to paint over the blocks of color and actually fasten everything to the print the final

The initial inspirations were definitely the blue women of Matisse (an inspiration that has been with me for some time)


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